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  • OneNote and Blogging

    OneNote and Blogging

    I had to change how I function and keep organized. I work a full time job and blogging strictly through WordPress is not conducive to my productivity. Frankly, I was slacking and didn’t do a quarter of what I wanted to blog in 2017. Let’s tag in Microsoft OneNote. OneNote is one of those products […]Read More »
  • How Much Did I Spend Using Amazon in 2017?

    How Much Did I Spend Using Amazon in 2017?

      First of all, I am back. Yes I took two months off. Creativity was dry and I didn’t want to deliver dryness to anyone. Also, my IG is popping with things. Wanna add me? It is daxolife there. Now for the topic at hand, I am sitting at work wondering how much I spent […]Read More »
  • Survey Junkie is Legit

    Survey Junkie is Legit

      There are tons of survey sites where you can make free money by taking some surveys, but I made $10.12 in a week after joining. Survey Junkie is legit and you should get on board. Related Posts:Privacy PolicyNashville Was Lit: A Travel GuideHomeFree Events May Not Be For MeEff Them Blogging RulesGet to Know […]Read More »
  • Free Events May Not Be For Me

    Free Events May Not Be For Me

        Last night, I went out to a free event. What I found is that free events may not be for me. For someone who pays for quality, free events can be underwhelming and that is exactly what it was. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some free events that are definitely lit. […]Read More »
  • Hashtag LemonPepperKickback

    Hashtag LemonPepperKickback

    Girl did you see what was popping over the weekend on the Gram? Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji had a kickback with lemon pepper wings and all of Black Hollywood was there. I wish I had been in the building. But look who was there! The excellence about these photos is not that they are […]Read More »

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