How Much Did I Spend Using Amazon in 2017?

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First of all, I am back. Yes I took two months off. Creativity was dry and I didn’t want to deliver dryness to anyone. Also, my IG is popping with things. Wanna add me? It is daxolife there.

Now for the topic at hand, I am sitting at work wondering how much I spent on Amazon in 2017. I am currently buying all these things this month, but what did I spend last year? Amazon has a feature where you can download your order report and receive a csv file. I was able to tally my orders and it is now as bad as I thought. So how much did I spend?

I thought this total was going to be way more outrageous than this, but hey that’s not bad. But what did I buy? Let me share some of my favorite purchases.

How much did you spend on Amazon last year? And what was your favorite purchase? Drop it in the comments.

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