How Much Did I Spend Using Amazon in 2017?


First of all, I am back. Yes I took two months off. Creativity was dry and I didn’t want to deliver dryness to anyone. Also, my IG is popping with things. Wanna add me? It is daxolife there.

Now for the topic at hand, I am sitting at work wondering how much I spent on Amazon in 2017. I am currently buying all these things this month, but what did I spend last year? Amazon has a feature where you can download your order report and receive a csv file. I was able to tally my orders and it is now as bad as I thought. So how much did I spend?

I thought this total was going to be way more outrageous than this, but hey that’s not bad. But what did I buy? Let me share some of my favorite purchases.

How much did you spend on Amazon last year? And what was your favorite purchase? Drop it in the comments.

Nashville Was Lit: A Travel Guide



A couple of weekends ago I hit up Nashville to visit the family. It was my 2nd time going and it was everything I needed to be. Now I did make the 6 hour drive from North Carolina to get there. My anxiety and those mountains definitely hate me triggered due to too many car accidents. Once we got there, we went directly to bed. My cousin had just gotten into his new home and it was gorgeous. Here is my little travel guide of where to go in Nashville.

Big Al’s Deli In Nashville, TN

The first thing we did is have breakfast at Big Al’s Deli.  Man oh man. That food is to die for. It is really so good you will slap your momma. I literally wouldn’t mind eating this on my death-bed. I had the Shrimp & Grits. It was far beyond delicious. Now Big Al’s is not stingy with their food. I got a big ol’ bowl. The shrimp were large and I was happy. I caught the itis and a nap was necessary.

Southern Carolinian Shrimp & Grits

After that bomb breakfast, I wanted to get a picture at some of the murals in Nashville. Now there are about 18 murals and I made it to 2 of them. Those 2 were good enough for a photo opp with me in it.

What Lifts You Mural

The angel wings were in the Gulch. It is a popping area where all the milennials are. There is always a line of people trying to take a photo opp. So be aggressive.

I Believe In Nashville

We drove over to the I Believe In Nashville mural. It is in a little alley way in 12 South. It had been recently vandalized in July, but it is back. Hey photo opp.

Shopping in Nashville is a must. You do need to head to the suburbs in Brentwood, a rich area. All I needed was Nordstrom Rack and a TJMaxx. They delivered what I wanted. I got to pairs of shoes on sale and a dress form from TJMaxx that I need for Poshmark. You can always hit the shops in the downtown Nashville as well. They have a Goorin Bros Hat Shop and you must stop in there. Employees are great and you can try on all the hats to your hearts desire. One of the places I did not get to was United Apparel Liquidators or UAL. It is a thrift store for designer brands. I had left the nail salon and didn’t notice it was across the street. Check out their online store here though.

We also stopped down by Centennial Park for a quick flick. The park is a large urban park located west of downtown Nashville and near Vanderbilt University. It was a beautiful day to get out there and look around. They have little ponds for finish, walking paths, plenty of trees and benches. There was even a couple laying in a hammock listening to music. The park also has a full size replica of the Parthenon in Athens which was built in 1897. It is a full size museum to the public. We didn’t go in, but I will make that on my to do list for next time we go.


Honorable mention to Local Taco for the UberEats dinner. I woke up the next morning still thinking about it.

Let’s skip to Saturday because that’s where the fun happened. We hit Wine on the River Nashville on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in downtown.

Wine On The River Nashville

Now I will tell this much I didn’t get many photos because I was trying to stay sober. I’ll better about that in my future travels. But it was good times. They not only had wine but they had the finest Bourbons and Whiskeys. I love how smooth it goes. Grown women drink whiskey.


Shotgun Red Wine

The best wine goes to Shotgun Red. If you make communion Sunday, then this is it. This is the communion wine you have to have. This is wine that Jesus made. I went back like 3 times because it is amazing and delicious. It can get you drunk if you don’t pace itself.

I was feeling it


One thing was there was not enough food vendors in my opinion. Del Frisco’s were selling steak sandwiches and Tom and Chee were making grilled cheese. I had both because I needed something to soak up all the wine and liquor I was drinking.

More food was in order so we ubered to Little Donkey Mexican Restaurant which is a local restaurant. I engaged in a chicken burrito bowl. It was delicious. It was not crowded at all. I definitely recommend it.

*brief intermission for that nap I took after all that drinking*

The last activity of the weekend was hopping into nightlife. I had no idea where we were going but when we got there. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Uber EVERYWHWERE over to The Back Corner. Y’all!!! This is a definitely local spot and not in a busy area. You walked up. They check your id and you go in. No cover and no bouncers patting you down. You walk in and the bar is immediately in front of you. That is a great move for the owner because you immediately think drinks. I got a coke because I wasn’t quite together yet. The vibe was dope. They have plenty of seats. I am thinking you have to pay for like a table. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO THOSE SEATS ARE FOR EVERYONE. So we got in free and you get to sit on couches and chaises. DJ played the TOP 40 which included Cardi B.’s “Bodak Yellow”. I was pleased with the whole place.

Overall, my trip to Nashville was great. I will be returning again.

Have you ever been? Tell me about your trip to Nashville.

And would you like to see more posts about my travelling?


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