Ingenuity with Followers

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It has happened to all of us when we first begin blogging. It is happening to someone right now. It is happening to me.

I am a victim of ingenuity with followers. That’s when you post your item for exposure on Twitter or Instagram. You plenty of likes and follows due to hashtags. You follow those people back. And soon as you follow back, they unfollow you. It was all a scheme to get their followers up.

Guess what? They are dicks. Yes that is really how I feel. Okay sure they saw my content, but they are never coming back again to see the new things I post. It may be something they like. It has really become my pet peeve as I start this blogging life. Why do people do it? I really have no idea, but I keep in mind who has done that. I will not engage with their material at all. Now I understand following people who are apart of your niche I guess but…..

If you are a culprit, I hope you see this. If you are only engaging for follows and likes and then hitting unfollow……

Just a quick thought.


3 thoughts on “Ingenuity with Followers

  1. This is one of THE MOST annoying things when it comes to social media. As you stated, I will no longer engage with their content and I certainly hit that unfollow button to unfollow them as well.

    1. Yes absolutely. I filter them out immediately. I like to read all types of blogs. For me, I follow different ones. When I see those same ones unfollow me after I have engaged with their post, yeah bye. You won’t get my views!

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