Key Staples For Fall 2017


Fall is coming. Even in NC, the weather is cooling. You can never have too many stylish staples for the upcoming season.

  1. Sweater dresses give my figure life. I already have quick a few of these dresses in my closet, but this is an easy throw on for a night out or day hanging out in the city.

Zara Ribbed Sweater Dress with High Collar

2. Off the shoulder sweaters make you feel sexy. Now it is getting cool out but you have to be fione. Sweaters aren’t always the sexiest thing. This sweater from MissGuided trumps that. And I am in love with the mustard yellow color.

Missguided Yellow Off Shoulder Knit Sweater

3. Backpacks are more conventional to carry. Those two shoulder straps are great and they are out of the way. I have broken wrist syndrome when I carry a purse so I am more into backpacks. These dazzling bag from Steve Madden is trendy and chic.

Steve Madden Breggie Backpack – $178

4.Over the knee boots swill  never go out of style. Don’t argue with me because you will be wrong. These Jeffrey Campbell Gamora Thigh High Boots are to die for.

Vince Camuto Louise et Cie Vernon Over the Knee Boot – $248

5.  Graphic tees are always  a go. This Girl Power T-shirt from Forever 21 can always be a staple in your wardrobe.

Girl Power Graphic Tee

I’m just giving you an idea of what’s popping right now. Let me know what you are adding to your wardrobe this fall.


Eff Them Blogging Rules


Before I started blogging, I wanted to know everything there is a blogging and being a blogger. From Google, Facebook to other blogs, I was soaking up what it is that I thought I needed to know.

Find Your Niche, Or Not

The one common thing I saw was “find your niche” and only blog about that. They said nobody wants to read a blog that is all over the place full of random topics. The lie detector determine that was a lie. I do not mind random thoughts. That makes a person far more interesting.

I want to be interesting enough to read and not so boring with the same revolving topics every month. My mindset is to have a theme each month and switch it up. One month is fashion and the next month is beauty then incorporate those two for third in lifestyle. Mix it up somehow and make it lit.

I said all that to say I am not following the standard blogging rules. I am going to do what is for me and what is works for me. Fellow bloggers should do the same if that is their thing.

Post A Lot

It was also said that you need to post a lot, preferably 3 or 4 times a week. I can disagree here. I read blogs where they only post once a week and they still have my attention. Some people have full time blogs. I know how to bear with them and be patient.

To combat, that have awesome topics for that once a week to engage your readers. One of my favorite blogs post twice a week and when I tell you her topics are super popping. I always screaming at the screen … Bishhhhhhh what? My attention is grabbed, and I know I relate.

Must Have 1,000 words

I am not in college and I am not writing you a long-term paper. I will lose interest and I just do not want to read all of that. I am a get to point type of person. What is the meat of this post. What are you talking about?

A post can be good with minimal amount of words. Sometimes someone is stopping by to see what you are about, and you want to capture them immediately.

Now I am not saying that this works for everyone. But I scroll posts often all the time, 30 seconds and I am out. Also, says the woman who probably just wrote a 1,000-word posts. And no, I did not check.



The Launch


Ayo! Over here.

You are probably like why is this woman starting out her first post all ratchet. I am from Baltimore and that is how you get anyone’s attention. I could have said “yurp” and you would have closed this window.

I am Shana, your resident blogger.  I’m Baltimore bred and Carolina fed. If you stumbled over here and started reading, I am doing something right.

Now what is this blog about? Life, living and the pursuit of happiness (I am lying). It’s a blog where I can relax, relate, and release. I always like putting my thoughts out there for other people to chime in on. . I have outgrown Twitter, member since 2009. Nobody is paying me any mind unless it is people who know me at this point. Tumblr is just not it in 2017. Facebook is for the family, friends and coworkers. I decided why not just create something for me, by me, and strangers.

First thing’s first, I’m the realest. Seriously I am not here to tell you how to live your life in any certain type of way. GET IT HOW YOU LIVE, Beloved. I want to share my life experiences with you, all of the things.

Second, I am black. Let’s remember this part because social and political issues are in the media right now. You have to know my identity and how I identify.

Third, this is a lifestyle blog of the most random kind. I will talk about fashion, lifehacks, home, relationships, etc.

Lastly, comment and share your thoughts. I am not going to be one of those blogs where you don’t hear from me. We will chat.

Hope you stop by often!