Free Events May Not Be For Me



Last night, I went out to a free event. What I found is that free events may not be for me. For someone who pays for quality, free events can be underwhelming and that is exactly what it was. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some free events that are definitely lit. If you have never been to Arts, Beats, & Lyrics, that is something you need to experience. Free Art, Free Music, Free Jack Daniels.

The event was supposed to be bourbon tasting and cigars. I saw the cigars, but I didn’t see any bourbon. People were standing around. It also was to include jazz music. There was no music to be heard.

How do I prevent myself to wasting my time going to events like this?

  1. Check to see the demographic of people that will be in attendance. If I don’t see at least 5 people I know going, I will stay home or find another activity to do.
  2. Was this a first time event? That plays a major factor. Now that may not always be true. Yet you can sense the awkwardness when someone is first putting something on and that is what I saw.
  3. Are you excited to wear that new outfit you planned out? Unfortunately, something told me not to wear that fire outfit and save it for another time. Glad I did and kept it lowkey casual.

Going forward, I may have to cancel out all of the free activities and pay for quality. I hate to do it, but they are just not for me at this time.

Have you been to a free event that was a waste? Share your story in the comments. I love to see how others feel.