The Launch

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Ayo! Over here.

You are probably like why is this woman starting out her first post all ratchet. I am from Baltimore and that is how you get anyone’s attention. I could have said “yurp” and you would have closed this window.

I am Shana, your resident blogger.  I’m Baltimore bred and Carolina fed. If you stumbled over here and started reading, I am doing something right.

Now what is this blog about? Life, living and the pursuit of happiness (I am lying). It’s a blog where I can relax, relate, and release. I always like putting my thoughts out there for other people to chime in on. . I have outgrown Twitter, member since 2009. Nobody is paying me any mind unless it is people who know me at this point. Tumblr is just not it in 2017. Facebook is for the family, friends and coworkers. I decided why not just create something for me, by me, and strangers.

First thing’s first, I’m the realest. Seriously I am not here to tell you how to live your life in any certain type of way. GET IT HOW YOU LIVE, Beloved. I want to share my life experiences with you, all of the things.

Second, I am black. Let’s remember this part because social and political issues are in the media right now. You have to know my identity and how I identify.

Third, this is a lifestyle blog of the most random kind. I will talk about fashion, lifehacks, home, relationships, etc.

Lastly, comment and share your thoughts. I am not going to be one of those blogs where you don’t hear from me. We will chat.

Hope you stop by often!


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