Here are all my current resources complied in one list.

  1. Ehost – The host for my blog. They have been great thus far and I spent only $50 for 2 years of hosting. Enter my domain: because I sent you. Check them out if you are on a budget.
  2. Canva – Currently use it to make graphics and pins for the blog. It is an easy to use tool and is all done online
  3. Poshmark – Selling and buying secondhand to new with tag at up to 70% discount. This is where I get rid of clothes and accessories I have barely worn. Use code XOEXHEAUX to get a $5 credit.
  4. Ebates – I am cheap and I love a coupon or deal. I use Ebates when I shop online at major retailers. They give you cash back percentages. Every coin counts. Click the link and sign up!