The Dingles’ Engagement

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Let’s get a little personal this time around. As our nuptials are coming, I wanted to share a piece of my life that I have with my fiancé . His name is William and he’s been one of my favorite people ever.

I met him 11 years ago and he was just this super dope person. After some crappy relationships with other people in 2012, we decided to make it official. Now we had like 3 bumps in the road where we were apart, but we got right back. And now we’re getting married.

The things I love about him is he is absolutely funny. Now people swear they know him but until he has you crying laughing you don’t really know him. He’s an excellent father to his 6 year old son, Ethan. He is my supporter and my motivator. He is the optimist to my pessimist. He is the calm to my worry. He is the rich to my poor. This is a joke, but he’s had to remind me that we’re never poor if everything is paid and we have food in the house. He’s a tech nerd right along with me. He’s a music lover. He picks me up when I am down. He’s just the best and CAN’T NOBODY TELL ME OTHERWISE.

We got engaged in March 2018 and are 4 months out from our wedding. I’ma be Mrs. Dingle y’all. There will definitely be more blog posts about our wedding and our life together. But for now here’s a peek into who stands by my side.



  1. Oh my god. These photos are beautiful. You guys are beautiful. I can feel the love just bylooking at these shots. Congratulations to the both of you!

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