On Sundays, We Brunch: First Watch

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I’m starting a brunch series because #ongawd brunch is some type of lit situation (lituation) that you end up going to with your friends. Next thing you know it’s 5PM and you’re drunk off mimosas.

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Driving down 160 looking for random spots to eat. Not trying to go Uptown to deal with parking and traffic… I’m back in Fort Mill looking for another brunch spot once again.

Let’s cue on First Watch Cafe.

Before I even left the house to go, I checked their website to see what was in the menu. Lo and behold, they had an app you can download. The app lets you get in line before you arrive so that your wait time is miniscule.

Pulling up to the place to be

The hostess was seat us at 1:27 pm so we played the waiting game.

Lazy Sunday so I am not dolled up

We got to our table and got our menus. I ordered the summer blush drink which is watermelon, pineapple, Fuji apple, lemon, cane sugar and mint. For my meal, I ordered the summer crab omelet with bacon. Let me tell y’all…. THE CRAB OMELET WAS HITTIN’! I tore it up. The toast that came with it was everything as well. I ate that 1st.

The dope thing about First Watch is they grow plants as well. I do wonder if the plants they grow, they use in the meals. I didn’t think to ask because I was too busy stuffing my face.

Tomato Plant on patio of First Watch

I will definitely be returning to First Watch to try other things on the menu. I also need to show up when they open.

Is there a First Watch where you are? If so, tell me about your experience.

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