Pyramid Scheme of Blogging

I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Click a link and I might get some moolah.


I’m sitting here working and scrolling on Facebook when I see a post about how to get free travel as a blogger. I click in and I see the comments of asking how or am I going to have to pay for this? What happened to just providing the information for free? Is this just going to direct me to sign up for something I don’t want or won’t give me the answer I am looking for? 

The answer is usually “yes”. I refuse to sign up for courses or attend blogger events to get information that I can research myself or figure out on the internet. Bloggers create these products and asks you to pay for something that someone else has shared for free. Let me charge you to sit in a room with other bloggers and go over stuff that you can find online. Absolutely not! 

Do you want to know how I figured out my blog? Pinterest! That site has a wealth of information and heavily used by bloggers where a lot of them grow their following. Now I am tech savvy so I got all the way to picking out and building my site myself without a course, seminar, etc. 

I do think seminars are a great thing if they provide vital information. But I haven’t heard of one yet that gives direct information or what the actual service is.  One of my biggest things I am focusing on is growing my followers. And I do test out different ways to do so and it’s working for me. Besides posting on my blog, my presence is very strong on Instagram. From Instagram, I will push my way into Pinterest and follow up with Twitter. It’s a method to my madness.

Second of all…. 

Are you blogging to make money? If your answer is yes, great. If your answer is no, great. What I will tell you is if you are going to blog to make money with posts full of affiliate links, I probably won’t read it. For fashion bloggers, then yes you may make a little coin off of me. But that item you posted I will probably go look for at a lower price. Paying retail price makes me itch.  I will also give you the lowest price I can on my blogs because I believe in being cheap!

Let’s dive into affiliate links. I do have affiliate links in some of my posts but I do make opinion posts like this one. I also posts about life, fashion, beauty, and food. That does not mean that you necessarily want to buy something. You are just interested in the content I created. I will point you in the direction. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to make money off of it. Those big bloggers are making a killing and it is dope they can do it for a living.  


Who has actually benefited from the courses and seminars? And why are they like a secret society for the information? Why are the descriptions so vague? That won’t catch my eye or want me to spend a dime. If you are a travel blogger and you are providing a course on how to work with companies to get free travel, set an agenda and provide the steps. If you are a fashion blogger, listen everyone can’t afford $600 dollar shoes. Can you provide us with some cheaper alternatives? I am just thinking out loud here but I’m saying. 

Everyone won’t agree here and that is fine. And I am probably just rambling on……… As an aside, I do agree with blogger networks and Facebook groups. I am interested in creating one and charging a yearly fee of $5 or $10. But I do want to put the disclaimer out there that it is there to collaborate, share and help others along the way.  

But get it together bloggers. It is looking like a pyramid scheme out here.  

Until next time. 


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