Running Through the Blog with OneNote

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I had to change how I function and keep organized. I work a full time job and blogging strictly through WordPress is not conducive to my productivity. Frankly, I was slacking and didn’t do a quarter of what I wanted to blog in 2017.  

Let’s tag in Microsoft OneNote. OneNote is one of those products you either love or hate. I’m very familiar with Office 365 and I use OneNote daily. It’s a thing. It’s a lifestyle. 

How does OneNote work with your blog? Let me break it down like this. These instructions are exclusively for the desktop version of OneNote 2016. 

You create a notebook.  

In that notebook, you write out and format your blog posts. You can include all the images and documents that you would like.  

Once you done all the proofreading and perfection, you send it to your blog. 

This will open in Microsoft Word and have you register your blog. 

Once the registration is complete, you need to send it to WordPress as a draft for final touches and scheduling. 

VIOLA! Your post has now gone to WordPress and is in your blog post section.  (Now this is in classic editor as I still utilize that along with blog editor)

One great thing is you can also take notes. I mean actually write them on the screen if you have a touchscreen. I have Surface Pro 3 with Pen. Writing all the stuff I can ever think of digitally. 

You might think “oh girl dis tew much”. But it’s not and it can organize your life and blog. Your posts will never be lost. And OneNote is free

Are you ready to get on board with OneNote and blogging?  

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