Small Makeup Vanity in the Corner

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While I was m.i.a., I guess you all may have missed out on some stuff. For Christmas, my fiance gifted me with a makeup vanity because it was taking over the bathroom counter.

I shared the vanity with him on Amazon one day at work. I’ll tell y’all about working together with your significant other later. Well he purchased it for Christmas along with vanity lights. Boy was I pumped! I can’t remember if I cried or not, but it was his way of telling me to get my shit off the counter and make room for him.

Organization is not my thing

About the vanity, it is something that does not come assembled. Either get your man, a buddy or read the instructions really well before you get started. And by read, I mean look at the pictures because there are no words.


A whole lot of makeup brushes

It comes with a stool that I don’t particularly care for, but being visually impaired I have to lean in to see what I’m doing anyways.

The vanity lights are pretty cheap and you stick them on. We taped the wire behind the mirror so it was not visible at all. You will need to wrap the wire around a little to secure. I wanted to give it the feel of looking like that lights came attached to the mirror.

So what is your vanity setup like?

VASAGLE Vanity Set with Round Mirror and Cushioned Stool Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights

Here are some other options as well if you are looking for more space.


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