The Dingles’ Engagement

Let’s get a little personal this time around. As our nuptials are coming, I wanted to share a piece of my life that I have with my fiancé . His name is William and he’s been one of my favorite people ever.

I met him 11 years ago and he was just this super dope person. After some crappy relationships with other people in 2012, we decided to make it official. Now we had like 3 bumps in the road where we were apart, but we got right back. And now we’re getting married.

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On Sundays, We Brunch: First Watch

I’m starting a brunch series because #ongawd brunch is some type of lit situation (lituation) that you end up going to with your friends. Next thing you know it’s 5PM and you’re drunk off mimosas.

Check out my first post here.

Driving down 160 looking for random spots to eat. Not trying to go Uptown to deal with parking and traffic… I’m back in Fort Mill looking for another brunch spot once again.

Let’s cue on First Watch Cafe.

Before I even left the house to go, I checked their website to see what was in the menu. Lo and behold, they had an app you can download. The app lets you get in line before you arrive so that your wait time is miniscule.

Pulling up to the place to be

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Small Two Strand Twists

If there is anything that I can do, it’s give myself some fire two strand twists. I have been natural since 2011 and it was a quick choice. I already had short hair and I didn’t want a relaxer anymore. I chopped it all off.


The moment I got some length I had to learned how to do twists. This was before the laying of the baby hair perfection.

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Myrtle Beach Forever

Annual vacation to Myrtle Beach is something I look forward to every year. I hang out with my family and just have a good time. For the past 3 years, my fiance and his son have been attendance. My goal for this year was to definitely explore Myrtle Beach even more than I have before. If you are traveling to Myrtle Beach this year, you will want to check out this post.

We arrived Saturday evening in Cherry Grove. A beach house is the only way we roll around here. We lucked out on this beautiful beach house called Maggie’s Retreat which has 5 bedroom, 4.5 baths, two living rooms, a newly remodeled kitchen with a front and back porch. And the house is backed up on the channel where you can fish or crab. The beach is only a block away. It’s definitely perfect and the best house by far since I was a kid to stay in. 

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